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  • Fabric-Chamber-tool-1

    Fabric Chamber Multi Tool

    £34.99 Price Including VAT

    The Chamber multi-tool offers 13 functions from an efficient T-bar head. A smooth finish caddy protects the tools and ensures the tool doesn’t snag jersey pockets or equipment. The T-Bar system increases functionality and ensures that hard to reach areas of the bike are easily accessed. A reversible ratchet model offers further functionality, providing a simple and elegant improvement upon a cyclist’s essential.

  • Fabric-co2-kit-4

    Fabric C02 – Lever Kit

    £19.99 Price Including VAT

    Our ultra compact Co2 kit brings together simplicity and function. A durable silicone band houses one Co2 cartridge, 2 x reinforced glass fibre tyre levers and a Co2 head that is interchangeable with Presta or Schrader valves. A simple, stylish & lightweight solution that securely fixes to your seatpost.

  • Sale! innovations-16-gram-threaded-cartridges-6-pack

    Genuine Innovations 16 Gram threaded cartridges 6-pack

    £11.99 £10.99 Price Including VAT

  • innovations-ultraflate-plus

    Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus

    £19.99 Price Including VAT

  • Joes-Super-Sealant

    Joe’s Super Sealant

    £5.99£11.99 Price Including VAT

  • Fabric Waterbottle

    Fabric Water Bottle

    £11.99 Price Including VAT

  • Scoop_Radius_Pro_BlkBlk

    Fabric Scoop Radius Pro Saddle

    £129.99 Price Including VAT

  • Scoop_Radius_Race_BlkBlk

    Fabric Scoop Radius Race Saddle

    £69.99 Price Including VAT

  • Scoop_Radius_Elite_BlkGrn

    Fabric Scoop Radius Elite Saddle

    £44.99 Price Including VAT

  • Scoop_Shallow_Pro_BlkWht

    Fabric Scoop Shallow Pro Saddle

    £109.99 Price Including VAT

  • Scoop_Shallow_Race_BlkBlk

    Fabric Scoop Shallow Race Saddle

    £69.99 Price Including VAT

  • Scoop_Shallow_Elite_BlkBlk

    Fabric Scoop Shallow Elite Saddle

    £44.99 Price Including VAT