Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Cycle-Science-Logo  Cycle Science  working with High Peak Cycles to achieve the perfect bike fit.


A full comprehensive bike fit is £120 (2 Hours)  please ring the shop to book. 

bike fits are carried out on Tuesdays when the shop will be closed so there are no interruptions, a deposit of £30 will be taken with your booking.

What Happens ?

  • Pre-Fit interview and Bio-mechanical Assessment.

Dave of Cycle Science, a professional physio, bike fit expert will discuss your riding experience, goals and injury history and conduct a number of tests to build a picture of your muscular/skeletal strength and flexibility.  Any mobilisation treatment can be done at this initial stage.

  • Saddles, Bars, Shoes & Cleats

The key pieces of equipment which are always in contact with your bike – saddle, bars & hoods, shoes and cleats will be checked and adjusted to your individual stance and range of movement, allowing your body to fit your bike.  This will involve looking at your gait, the position and bio-mechanics of your feet, and the width of your shoulders. This will allow an initial placement of your cleats, saddle and handle bars prior to optimising your position on the bike.

  • Bike adjustment


Once on the bike we visually assess your position and movement while you ride.  This involves placing dots on your joint positions and measuring their angles, as well as checking symmetry against a laser level. This information is then used with the information gained from your movement tests and the type of cycling position you are trying to achieve, to determine the optimal riding position. The calculations are made from the same data used by British Cycling.  You then will be asked to ride and comment on your new position; if required further adjustments will be made until you and Dave are happy.

  • Bike fit Report and Exercise Advice.

You will be supplied with a report of your bike fit and if required a list of treatment and specific exercises which will help you achieve your cycling goals. It may take time to achieve the most efficient position depending on your power and flexibility etc. The plan will be tailored to enable you to achieve your goals in cycling.

  • General Information

A bike fit will take approximately 2 hours you will need to bring your own bike, shoes and pedals. You will need to wear your cycling shorts, cycling socks and cycling top or tee shirt.  Bike fits are carried out in the shop on Tuesdays when we are closed so you will not be disturbed.